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1. It is often thought that, by studying philosophy, we will find out how to live thoughtfully or, even more, to achieve happiness. This view is not without a basis: one of philosophy’s sub–disciplines does suggest, among other things, a range of views regarding how to live well. But that is not the only function of philosophy. The point is that, to lead one’s life intelligently — as well as often to achieve happiness — it is necessary to have a proper understanding of the world in which one lives.
That is why the programme of the Philosophy Studies in English at the Institute of Philosophy was set up to start by giving an overview of philosophy; so the level of difficulty in the first year courses will be relatively low. Only in the second and third year will we lead the students into the thick of philosophical disputes.
The issues covered concern three topics: logic, metaphysics and axiology. The divisions are traditional but are treated by us in a non–traditional, modern way.

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