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General Information

Basic data:

Field of study: International Studies in Philosophy

Type of studies: first-cycle (BA Programme)

System of studies: full-time or part-time

Duration: three years (six semesters)

Tuition fee:

Description of studies:

Philosophy develops students’ intellectual abilities like no other academic discipline. It trains intelligence, the ability to understand new information, a capacity for understanding other people and cultures; philosphy teaches how to properly interpret the behaviour of individuals and societies. It fosters imagination and, most of all, makes it easier to put together a coherent general world view as well as to determine the aims of human life.

The program of studies includes the following obligatory subjects: Introduction to Philosophy, Ontology, Logic I [General Methodology and Introduction to Formal Logic], Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Recent Polish Philosophy: the Lvov–Warsaw School, Epistemology, Logic II [Formal Logic] or Logical Semiotics, Modern Philosophy, Latin, Analytic Philosophy, Current Continental Philosophy, Ethics. PBCV students also participate in English–language seminars, proseminars and elective subjects offered as part of the Polish program of studies by the Philosophy Institute.

Studies ends with preparing Bachelor’s Dissertation and passing the Bachelor’s Exam.

Graduates profile:

Philosophy graduates are being seen by many employers as particularly important valuable employees. They find employment, on the one hand in various educational institutions, publishing companies and the mass media and, on the other hand, in government offices, political organizations and in local government institutions.

Those philosophy graduates who are not native–speakers also gain a solid knowledge of English thanks to which they become more employable both within Poland and the European Union. Their qualifications can also provide a good basis for applying for prestigious grants and scholarships as well as for places in MA and PhD programmes throughout Europe.