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UW Library

The University of Warsaw Library was founded in 1816 as a part of the Royal University of Warsaw. Its first director was the great Polish lexicographer Samuel Bogumił Linde (1771–1847). Today, the library system includes the Main Library and faculty libraries.

The Main University Library is located in a new, modern building, opened in 1999 with the blessing of Pope John Paul II. The new Library building was constructed with the aim of creating an open library with free access to its collections. This approach grew from the belief that the spatial arrangement of a library has a distinctive influence on the quality of the work carried out within it. An academic free–access library does not distinguish between storerooms and reading rooms, with the librarian in the role of a unavoidable intermediary. Instead, the new design achieves ultimate accessibility through the creation of logical floor plans where shelves and racks are positioned in such a way as to leave large reading areas. 

The University of Warsaw Library system stacks contain over 3,500,000 books, over 1,000,000 journals and magazines, over 700,000 items in the reserve collections, with the library currently subscribing to 1,200 foreign journals and periodicals.

The online computer catalogue contains about 360,000 bibliographical descriptions and 635,000 items.

The University of Warsaw Library has 110 computers available for library users. It has also introduced a hotspot internet connection.

For more information please contact:
University of Warsaw Library
56/66 Dobra St., 00–312 Warsaw
Phone +48 22 5525060
website: www.buw.uw.edu.pl