Erasmus – call for applications

9 Jan, 2020; General

An information meeting on the Erasmus programme (visits in the academic year 2020/21) will be held on Thursday- 16 January 2020, at 7.30 p.m. in the room 116.
At the meeting you will be able to get information about our bilateral agreements, recruitment rules, scholarship amounts, etc (for persons who can speak Polish the meeting starts at 6.30 p.m.).


The offer is available to all students of WISiP who are at least during the second year of their studies*.
(the visit in the academic year 2020/2021)

Call for applications – required documents:

  1. Letter of motivation indicating reasons for the choice of particular institutions together with the applicant’s contact details (telephone [very important!], e-mail). In the application please include also all the information that may be important for the selection procedure (participation in classes taught in foreign language, foreign practices, work for the Institute of Philosophy or the University, special academic achievements or honors etc.). If the candidate is considering several possible institutions as possible places for the visit, s/he is asked to indicate his or hers preferences.
  2. Resume (CV),
  3. List of all the grades received during the studies at the Institute of Philosophy (including cognitive science and bioethics) or during prior studies (if they are not studies at the Institute of Philosophy),
  4. One opinion (recommendation) of the faculty (teaching) staff member (in case of Ph.D. students: supervisor),
  5. A certificate of language proficiency.
  6. Completed registration form (available below) that has to be sent to:

The required documents should be submitted until the 25th of February 2020:

  • Personally to Ms. Anna Szpilowska or
  • via the correspondence box of Ms. Anna Szpilowska

The decision will be announced by the 4th of March, 2020.

IMPORTANT: students should read the general rules for applying for the scholarship (below, the file is in Polish but you may ask International Relations Office for the translation).

Criteria of evaluation**:
– the grading average obtained from all subjects in Philosophy, cognitive science, bioethics (only students with the average of at least 4.0 may apply, no year re-take or more than one conditional pass is allowed in the departure year);
– other academic achievements;
– the assessment of language proficiency;
– year of study (preference for students of higher years);
– compatibility of student’s interests and specialization with the choice of receiving institution;
– work for the Institute of Philosophy or the University.
– In case of the third year (1st cycle) students the visit may start no earlier than in the second semester of the upcoming academic year.

In case of not being granted with the Erasmus scholarship applicants might lodge an appeal to dr Bogdan Dziobkowski.



Registration form

Partners list


5 Jan, 2020; General

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Inauguration of the academic year

25 Sep, 2018; General
  1. You are cordially invited to the inauguration of the new academic year for the first-year students of Warsaw International Studies in Philosophy, which will take place on Friday, September 28, at 11:00 in room 209 (Institute of Philosophy, 2nd floor). You will have an opportunity to meet with the coordinator of the Studies, the staff, and your new colleagues. Basic information about studies at the University of Warsaw will be provided. You will also have a chance to ask questions about anything that concerns your study. Later on Polish-speaking students of WISIP are strongly advised to join their colleagues from the Polish programme and participate in a tutorial explaining the basics of the University System of Study Support (USOS). The tutorial takes place in the Auditorium Maximum building, room B, at 13:45.

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