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Required documents

Candidates are not supposed to submit any documents before being qualified for the programme.

After being qualified, to be accepted for the programme (i.e. to actually become a student) it is necessary to submit required documents in person and directly to our office. If a candidate himself cannot submit the documents it can be done by a person holding an authorization signed by the candidate prepared in accordance with the pattern which is available here.

The list of required documents is available on the University Admission Webpage.

The deadline for submitting documents is announced on this website and on candidates’ individual accounts in the IRK immediately after announcing the results of the admission procedure (for the specific dates see below).

Non-submitting required documents by specified deadline is equal with resignation from undertaking studies.

The documents should be delivered on designated days

to our office: Institute of Philosophy, Krakowskie Przedmieście 3 str., room 309 (3rd floor).