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Students training (practice)

Students training is obligatory only for students who started studies in 2011/12 or earlier.

People who undertook the programme in 2012/13 or later do not do the training

A few general rules concerning students training:

Steps through taking the practice for students who started studies in the 2009/10 academic year or later:

  1. Contact dr. Grażyna Kacprowicz ( g.kacprowicz@uw.edu.pl , kacproga@is.uw.edu.pl ) and ask if she accepts the work you would like to pass as a students training. If she accepts it, ask her to send you necessary documents i.e. referral (skierowanie) and agreement.
  2. Take the practice :)
  3. From your employer get a confirmation of taking training (without any mark – just “pass” oraz “zal” + number of hours).
  4. Contact dr. Kacprowicz again and deliver her that confirmation – then she will give you a sign in your students book and examination sheet.

In case of students who started studies before the 2009/10 academic year the procedure is remarkably different. Those students must visit me during the office hours to work out the details.