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Basic data
Field of study: Philosophy (Speciality: Philosophy of Being, Cognition and Value)
Type of studies: second-cycle (MA Programme)
System of studies: full-time or part-time
Duration: two years (four semesters)
Tuition fee:

Description of studies

Within second-cycle philosophy studies every student defines individual program of studies by choosing among seminars, proseminars, monographic lectures and elective courses taught in the Institute of Philosophy. The elective courses offer includes: Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Politics, Social Philosophy, History of Polish Philosophy, Aesthetics, Logical Semiotics and/or Advanced Logic.
Studies end with preparing Master’s Dissertation and passing the Master’s Exam.

Graduates profile:

Philosophy second-cycle program graduate possesses deep and extensive knowledge and abilities in the range of subjects that comprise foundations of philosophical education. In accordance with personal interests she also knows particular philosophical trends, theories and issues as well as current debates concerning them. Philosophy graduate is able to analyse and interpret cultural phenomenons and write philosophical papers on her own. She is also capable of comprehending and translating foreign language papers, can think creatively and critically and has ability to formulate, explain and ground her own views.
Philosophy graduate is well prepared for taking up PhD studies and for research and didactic work in the field of philosophy in higher education schools. She can also teach Ethics and Introduction to Philosophy in schools.
Students who are not native speakers of English will also gain very good command of that language what makes them much more valuable from the point of view of potential  employers.

Programme of studies

Programme of studies mandatory for the students who undertook the studies in 2011/12 or before Programme of studies mandatory for the students who undertook the studies in 2012/13 or 2013/14: who hold the first degree in philosophy who do not ho >>


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Preparing Graduate Thesis

Below you will find short guide through the administration aspect of preparing graduate thesis… But firstly you have to know that: All the documents have to be delivered to the Secretariat at least one week before the Defence Exam. 1. Supervi >>

Rules and regulations

Rules of study at the University of Warsaw >>