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Programme of studies

Programme of studies for students admitted in 2019 or later.

Programme of Studies for students admitted in 2017 or 2018

Further details and explanations:

Semester essays

OGUNs (General University Subjects)

Foreign languages courses

  • Passing the exam and passing the foreign language courses are separate things. It means that if you have passed the exam-requirement (by passing the university exam or submitting external certificate) you still have to fulfil the requirement of collecting 8 ECTS points from foreign language courses.
  • Foreign Language Classes (a.k.a. “lektoraty”)
    • Student can choose any foreign language to learn provided that it is not English and/or student’s mother tongue.
    • Foreigners who do not speak Polish are obliged to choose Polish course.
    • Student is obliged to pass 240 hours and 8 ECTS points throughout first five semesters of studies
    • There is no rule saying that it has to be the same language every semester — technically, student can change language group each semester.
    • If you have passed FL courses when studying at some other faculty, they can be rewritten (provided that they are not in English).
  • Foreign Language Final Exam
    • student is obliged to pass the exam after the forth semester or earlier
    • student can choose between two following options:
      • passing the exam on (at least) B2 level provided that the language is NOT English
      • passing the exam on (at least) C1 level (it can be English in such case
    • either way, the language passed cannot be student’s mother tongue.


  • Additional courses (Intellectual Property Law, Health and Safety, Information Technologies) are treated as other subjects and not passing any of them in a given semester is equal to not passing the semester.
  • That student can pass seminar instead of monographic lecture, but not vice versa, is a general rule.
  • Student is obliged to pass 90 hours of Physical Education classes before the end of the fifth semester.
    • PE classes passed at other faculties are rewritten.
  • Presence on all classes defined as “tutorials” is obligatory.
  • No main subjects (ie. philosophical courses) can be passed in Polish. The fact that you have access to registration for subjects in Polish means that you are entitled to attend them, but none of the courses in Polish may be counted as passing any requirement of the programme of studies in English.
  • If it happens that you don’t pass some “Course A”, you are entitled to enroll for the “Course B” in the next semester (of course you are still obliged to repeat and pass the “Course A” next year).
  • To all matters not settled herein provisions of “Rules of Studey at the University of Warsaw” shall apply.

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