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For the First Cycle (BA)

(full-time studies, Polish: “stacjonarne pierwszego stopnia”)

Limit of students: 25

Admission Procedure is broken up into two stages:

STAGE I: done entirely via internet in the IRK system at:
It is a preliminary recruitment process concerning the maturity diploma or high school certificate which has been recognized as equivalent to the Polish maturity diploma. Details concerning converting diploma results may be found in the description of studies in the IRK system.

STAGE TWO: a qualification interview which is an additional oral entrance examination. It is conducted in English and it is based on philosophical texts. A candidate chooses and prepares in advance one set from the below list of texts for the exam (sets 1-3 include one text each, set 4 includes two texts). During the interiew the commission evaluates candidate’s:

This stage of qualification procedure is scored on a scale 1-100 points and is decisive.

List of the texts (all of them are available in the Downloads section of this website):

  1. Bertrand Russell, “The Problems of Philosophy”, chapters from 1 to 4, any edition.
  2. John Stuart Mill, “On Liberty”, ch. 1, „Introductory”, and ch. 2, „Of the Liberty of Thought and Discussion”, any edition.
  3. David Chalmers, “The Character of Consciousness”, section I.I, “Facing Up the Problem of Consciousness”, Oxford University Press 2010, pp. 3-28.
  4. TWO chapters from the book “Free Will” (edited by G. Watson), Oxford University Press 1982:
    R. Chisholm, “Human Freedom and the Self”, pp. 24-35,
    T. Nagel, “Moral Luck”, pp. 174-186.

The exam will take place on 10th & 11th July 2018 and 11th September (II round of Admission) in the Institute of Philosophy (Krakowskie Przedmiescie 3 St., Warsaw). The detailed schedule of exams will be announced after the registration close.

A candidate is accepted to the program on the base of the results of both stages of the process. The points achieved both in the first and second stage are summed up and the ranking list is prepared according to the total results.

Tuition fee:

Full-time studies are free of charge for citizens of EU and EFTA countries as well as for people mentioned in article 43, bill 2, Prawo o szkolnictwie wyższym from 27.07.2005 with further changes. The other students pay 2000 euros for a year of studies (2200 euros in the first year of studies).