!! Organisational information from the Head of the Institute of Philosophy !!

14 Mar, 2020; General

To Students of the International Studies in English at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw

Dear All,

In the face of COVID-19 emergency and with reference to directive no. 50 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw and directive no. 1/2020 of the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, I would like to address some issues of particular concern to you.

1) Teaching staff office hours

Your lecturers and tutors hold virtual office hours, which means that they are available by email and respond to your messages during the time of their regular office hours. Please find below an updated list of their email addresses:


Should the need arise for a telephone conversation, ask your tutor to make it possible. If the tutor consents, you may also use internet communicators. Appointments are allowed in exceptional cases only. You are advised to check your email accounts on a systematic basis.

2) Distance learning

Currently, we are considering criteria for selecting courses that will be taught remotely. The list of such courses will be ready by the 20thof March. We are also pondering over possible technical solutions for distance learning (university e-learning platform, alternative platforms, internet applications, mailing lists etc.). Further information concerning this issue will be provided soon. The COME Platform run by the University for the purpose of e-learning has announced that it would simplify its procedures in order to expedite the transition to virtual classrooms:


We shall take pains to make this transition as smooth as possible for our students.

3) Front office

All front offices of the Institute, including the ISIP front office, work remotely from March, 16thto April, 14th2020 and should be contacted via email in all matters. Appointments should be arranged by email and are possible during designated duty hours exclusively. The ISIP office manager, Ms Ewa Frączek, is on her duty on Wednesdays (10:00am – 2:00pm and Fridays (11:00am – 3:00 pm). Documents can be left in the pigeonholes located on the first floor.

Best regards,

Professor Jakub Kloc-Konkołowicz

Head of the Institute of Philosophy

University of Warsaw