Seminar instead of monographic lecture

29 Jun, 2016; General

Due to some rumours going on about passing seminar instead of monographic lecture I explain that:

  • as it is put in the Programme of studies – it is a general rule that student can choose to pass seminar instead of mon. lec., which means that:
    • no formal request letter for counting seminar as mon. lec. is required;
    • there is no necessity to inform teacher about your mode of passing a given subject;
    • in general the expected ratio of hours is 1:1 i.e. to pass e.g. 120h of mon. lec. student can pass 120h of seminar (in other words, the fact that seminars has more ECTS points doesn’t matter)
      • however,  in the courses offer for 2016/17 there is much more seminar hours than necesseary and less mon. lec. hours than necessary. Hence, in case of students who are on the third year of studies in 2016/17 what matters is ECTS points ratio that should be 1:1.
        • it means that to meet monographic-lectures-requirement, which is 150h / 10 ECTS points of monographic lectures, it is enough to collect at least 10 points from seminars – regardless of number of hours
          • in practice it means that to pass the monographic-lectures-requirement it is enough to pass 120h of seminar (which gives 12 ECTS points)
          • of course student can also choose ‘mixed’ mode, for example: 60h / 4 points of monographic lectures plus 60h / 6 points of seminars. Shortly: no matter how, 10 points have to be collected.

Above rules concern monographic-lectures-requirement and has nothing to do with the seminars-requirement which on the third year is 120h / 12 ECTS points of seminars.