15h of lectures by Dr J. Ponzio

22 May, 2015; General

Dr Julia Ponzio

(University of Bari, Italy):

The concept of form

in Charles Sanders Peirce philosophy of language

The lectures will take place:

Monday, 01.06, 9.45-13:00, room nr 4

Tuseday, 02.06, 16:45-20:00, room nr 108

Weneseday 03.06, 11.30 – 14:45, room nr 4

Weneseday 16:45 – 20:00, room nr 109


Description: I will analyse, during the lectures, some aspects of the fist part of Peirce’s thought, starting from 1863, in order to highlight some important aspects that will have a great influence on the latter phase of Peirce thought, and in particular, on the development of the “Topology of continuity”. In particular I will focus my analysis of the concepts of form, of category and of continuity. The main aim of my lecture is to analyse some passages and some problematic moments in the first phase of Peirce’s thought in order to highlight the points in which arise the questions to which in the last part of his life Peirce will try to answer by the topological analysis of continuity. Topological analysis studies the model of connection of the parts of continua, that’s to say it woks on the condition of belonging to a continuum, of the connection that constitutes a continuum. If topological analysis is considered beyond the problematic course on the refection on continuity, which begins in the very first part of Peirce’s thought, it could seem the research of a hidden structure which keeps the reality together and to which reality has to be brought back to be understood. In this way the work of interpretation risks to be reduced to a work of placement of what has to be interpreted inside a structural schema. On the contrary, is it is seen from the perspective of the long and difficult Peirce’s work on continuity, that is to say from the perspective of the questions it tries to answer, Peirce’s topological analysis brings to the idea of a continuum as a form which forms itself starting from relation.


The lecture is a regular monographic lecture and is equivalent of 15 hours/1ECTS

USOS code: 3501-FORPEIR-M; registration open: 21.V – 03. VI 2015