BHP & Computer Classes (for 1st year students)

8 Jan, 2014; General

As you know all first-year 1st-cycle students are obliged to pass some additional stuff during the first year of studies. Intellectual Property Law’s been done, but be careful to not overlook two other subjects:

(1) Computer Classes (in USOS: “Technologie informacyjne i komunikacyjne”, code: 3501-DO-TIK) will be provided online by dra Piotr Wilkin in the second semester. Don’t overlook the registration for that thing since it is counted like any other course and not passing it = not passing the year!

(2) Occupational and Safety (BHP) is also done online and is available on the COME platform until 10th February. Don’t miss that since it is also counted as any other subject!!! (and it would be really ridiculous to fail the year because of BHP ;) )