EXTREMELY important info for 1st-year students (both cycles).

9 Jan, 2014; General

According to the Rector’s decree all 1st-year students (both 1st- and 2nd-cycle studies) who will not meet all requirements concerning submitted documents will be removed from the roll of students (which is a formal phrase for being dropped out from the University) on 27th January 2014!!!

The requirements include:

  • submitting to the Secretariat TWO COPIES of agreement of payment – to download HERE
  • signing declaration regarding no payment for the studies (available to sign in Secretariat)
  • signing student’s oath (available to sign in Secretariat)

Due to my information there’s very few people who have done all three things, thus all 1st-year students should visit the secretariat during the office hours on Wedensday 15.01.2014 to figure out if there’s something missing and complement the thing. This is serious.