Annual Essays panic

25 Sep, 2013; General

Due to numeous questions concerning passing the annual essays requirement, I’d like to inform you that:

  1. Essays are treated as every other course – it means that not having grades from essays by the end of September is equal to not passing the year of studies.
  2. From this year essays are also in USOS and you must be registered for them (as for any other course).
  3. If someone has not registered for essays during registration rounds, one has to do that by submitting the FORM to the USOS-coordinator (as in case of any other course).
  4. If you have not registered for essays and now you cannot collect tutors’ signatures on those forms, you still have the chance to pass the year. To make that happen Secretariat has to receive by 30th September one of two:
    1. paper copies of the first pages of your essays with grades and tutors’ signatures;
    2. e-mail from tutors with your grades from essays.
  5. However, mail or paper copy does not exempt you from submitting the formula from the point 3 ASAP
  6. Conditional passings (warunki) of annual essays are FREE OF CHARGE (and that’s the only difference between these conditional passing and conditional passing of other courses).