Some info for newcomers

20 Sep, 2012; General

Some info for newcomers:

First and foremost, the office dedicated to your affairs is Secretariat in room 306.

1. Please, don’t be that lazy in looking through the website.

2. If you are announcing a problem with the USOS, please be specific – “doesn’t work” is not enough for me to find the solution. And let me assure you that the system is really simple – you just need about twenty minutes and a pinch of goodwill to get familiar with it. It’s not more difficult than Amazon or FB in fact.

3. In case of log-in failure, call me (via email or drop in at office hours) – I will give you a new password.

4. A general remark on registration – there are two modes of registration:

  • The USOS-web registration – for philosophical courses. This site is also your personal students account where you can follow your studies from various perspectives.
  • The TOKEN registration – here you have tokens (credits) for Physical Education, General University Subjects (OGUNs), Foreign-language classes (in other words, for everything that is not provided by our Institute).

(links to both registrations are on this website)

5. In case of a technical problem with the registration for some philosophical courses through the USOS-web (e.g. no permission to register, a course missing on the list etc.), call our USOS coordinator (the link to him is on this website) – and tell him precisely what is the problem (e.g. for exactly which course you cannot register).

You can also call me, but if something is urgent that’s not the best idea, since the only thing I can do, is to forward the problem to him anyways.

6. In case of inability to register through the token-registration, please call the relevant department (contact info is on the token-registration site, to which there is a link on this website).

7. Please do not register for any philosophical course through the token registration.

The tokens you have on your account are for OGUNs, PE and foreign language courses exclusively. Some philosophical subjects are on the list of OGUNs indeed. However, they are dedicated only for people from outside our Institute. So the only proper way to register for a philosophical subject is the USOS-web registration. If you will register for a philosophical course through the token registration you will waste your tokens for OGUNs, and thus you won’t be able to register for the OGUNs. Moreover you thus block places in the groups for people from outside Philosophy.

8. Regarding the Recent Polish Philosophy course, it is done entirely through the Internet (it was put on the provisional schedule on Monday just to not forget about, but since you found it confusing I deleted it from the schedule). I know that it is missing on the list of registration and I’ve already notified the USOS-man about that.

The entry-key that is required to enter the course will be sent to you by the tutor when the course starts.\

9. To avoid any confusion: if you read somewhere or hear from somebody that you have to go to the “dziekanat” to deal with the issue you have, let you know that for you the “dziekanat” = secretariat, room 306.

10. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group called “Philosophy Studies in English at the University of Warsaw”.