Regarding SEMESTER essays

2 Dec, 2015; General

UPDATE: please follow the instructions that you’ve received in mail from USOS coordinator.


This year is the first year when you are supposed to submit SEMESTER (and not annual-as-usual) essays. USOS is not ready for that, so at the moment you will not find there something like “Semester essay” to register for. Hence, at the end of this semester, to pass the semester, you are supposed to submit to the Secretariat the grade from the semester essay in one of the following forms:

– either grade on paper (first page of your essay with a grade and tutor’s signature);

– or email from the tutor to .

USOS coordinator promised me that she will introduce semester essays to USOS asap. When it will be ready your grades from the first semester essays will be entered there.



PS. Please remember that semester essay is treated as every other philosophical subject: not passing it = not passing the semester, and then you have to apply for conditional passing of the semester (and that’s payable)