*** PAYMENTS deadline = 19th December ***

20 Nov, 2014; General

Due to illness of the most important member of our staff the payments have been entered to USOS later that it was expected, however, finally they are in the system. As usual , you have a month to pay all the due, which means that the deadline for settling accounts is 19th December 2014.

Michele Bocchiola (Roma) lecture (Friday 15:15, room no. 4)

20 Nov, 2014; General

Lectures on Aesthetics – prof. Arto Haapala (Univ. of Helsinki)

14 Nov, 2014; General

Department of Aesthetics, Philosophy Studies in English, and Center for Inter-University Collaboration invite you for the lectures by Professor Arto Haapala (University of Helsinki):

Aesthetic Values and Ecological Facts: What Are the Criteria of Fostering Parks and Other Pieces of Urban Nature?

(17th November, Monday, room 109 at 13.15)

Disclosing New Worlds – Whose Privilege? Heideggerian Considerations

(18th November, Tuesday, room 109 at 15.00)

Coordinatior: mgr Adam Andrzejewski (adam.epoche@gmail.com)

Arto Haapala received his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London in 1988, and his M.A. in Aesthetics at the University of Helsinki. He is Professor of Aesthetics at the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki. He has been a visiting Professor at Temple University, Philadelphia, and Lancaster University, UK, and a visiting researcher at Universities of Freiburg and Bochum, Germany. His publications include What Is a Work of Literature? (1988), The End of Art and Beyond (ed. with Jerrold Levinson and Veikko Rantala, 1997), Interpretation and Its Boundaries (ed. with Ossi Naukkarinen, 1999), Aesthetics in the Human Environment (ed. with Pauline von Bonsdorff, 1999), Aesthetic Experience and the Ethical Dimension: Essays on Moral Problems in Aesthetics (ed. with Oiva Kuisma, 2003), and Paradokseja paratiiseissa: näkökulmia urbaanin luonnon kysymyksiin (Paradoxes in Paradises: Issues in Urban Nature, ed. with Mia Kunnaskari, 2008).

Linkage DEADLINE = 17th November

11 Nov, 2014; General

Just to remind you, you are suppose to manage your linkage in USOS until 17th November.

In case of any doubts, let me explain that:

  • courses linked to a given programme & stage = obligatory subjects included in the programme of studies
  • courses linked to a given programme only = additional subjects, not included in the programme. It is student’s decision if grades from these subjects are taken into account when calculating average.