Warsaw Philosophy ranked as one of the best 150 Philosophy programmes in the world!!!

4 Mar, 2014; General

Philosophy studies at the Warsaw University has been ranked by the prestigious annual QS World University Ranking as one of the Top 150 philosophical programmes around the world!!!

Full list HERE

Declaration regarding new programme of studies

4 Mar, 2014; General

Several students of the 1st-cycle, who has not done it as far (namely: M. Radczyc, A. Walczak, S. Topolski, M. Ciechanowska, A. Karpińska, M. Wojcierowski) are asked to decide and sign or not sign the DECLARATION concerning adjustments in the programme of studies – the detailed information and description of the changes has been sent to you in e-mail on 17th February.

Please submit the declaration to the Secretariat or to the mailbox of the Secretariat on the 1st floor.