Erasmus Qualification Results

24 Feb, 2014; Erasmus

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20 Feb, 2014; General

This is rare and wonderful opportunity to attend full course in English taught by invited speaker and thus pass 60 hours of monographic lecture in just one month !
Prof. Uwe Meixner (University of Augsburg), famous german analytic philosopher, will deliver a 60 hours course entitled SYSTEMATIC METAPHYSICS between 4th March and 11th April 2014 (various dates).
The exact schedule of the lectures along with meetings dates and course description, as well as REGISTRATION for the course — are all available in the USOS HERE (you will be informed later about the registration’s start) .

There are only 25 places available so don’t overlook the registration!

** Meeting with FK **

12 Feb, 2014; General

LINKAGE in USOS – the Last Chance!

11 Feb, 2014; General

From 24th February to 13th March it will be possible for the LAST TIME to cope with LINKAGE (podpięcia) on your USOS accounts. Students are OBLIGED to keep their linkage in order – i.e. you have to link subjects you take to the proper programme of studies (e.g. Philosophy of Being, Cognition and Value:))

A mess with linkage causes a lot of trouble when it comes to passing the year of studies, so please don’t ignore it.

If you haven’t passed “Computer Class” by now…

3 Feb, 2014; General

…then you should register for the course, which will be held online in the second semester. USOS code of the subject is 3501-DO-TIK. Unfortunately, you can register only through the form-procedure.

to make it clear and distinct: this thing = Computer Basic Skills = Basic IT Skills = Information and Communication Technologies etc. Briefly – it covers the “computer class” requirement of our programme