NEW info concerning LOGIC TUTORIAL

23 Oct, 2012; General

I guess we’ve finnaly found a good solution of the Logic-Tutorial-Room problem.

Beginning from  Monday 29th Oct. there’s gonna be TWO tutorial groups – both on Monday:

– Group A: tutor: mgr Natalia Karczewska, Monday 11:30, room 110
– Group B: tutor: mgr Adrian Ziółkowski, Monday 13:15, room 110

The distribution over the groups regards first letters of your surnames and goes as follows:

– Group A: from A to L
– Group B: from M to Ż

Possible transfers between groups can be done exlusively in 1-for-1 system (ie. one person moves from Group A to B, and at the same time one person moves from B to A). In other words, the number of people in each group has to be rigid.

Please accept our apologies for the whole mess regarding this tutorial. Forget about that and enjoy Logic for the rest of the year!

Philosophy Freshmen Party

22 Oct, 2012; Students council

Basiacally, HERE is the info. Anyone who would like to come can receive free entry ticket during the office hours on thursday.