New students declaration of being entitled to study for free – URGENT & IMPORTANT

29 Nov, 2011; General

Due to new regulations every student who started the studies in the 2011/12 academic year and does not pay for the studies is obliged to sign and deliver to the secretariat a declaration of being entitled to study for free.

  • if you won’t deliver the declaration you declare yourself as a paying student!
  • a declaration should be made on your USOS account – HERE is the manual on how to do that.
  • the manual as well as the declaration itself is in Polish, so foreigners should ask Poles for help in dealing with that, and Poles should help foreigners :)
  • deadline for submitting the declaration – designated by the Rector of UW – is 15th December 2011.
  • you can submit the declaration by leaving it in my post-box on the 1st floor or come in person for office hours.

Prof. Prinz (NY) lecture

24 Nov, 2011; Invited lectures

On Friday, 25th November, at 11:30,room 108 (14)

prof. Jesse Prinz (Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, The Graduate Center, City University of New York) will give a lecture on

Where and When Does Consciousness Arise in the Brain?

Further information about prof. Prinz can be found HERE.