Opportunity to take students practice

14 Apr, 2011; General Students council

There is an opportunity to pass some hours of students practice during the University Open Days on Saturday 16th April. The work consists in answering questions asked by the possible candidates for students of our programme.

Concerned are asked to contact via email

The offer is directed to the 2nd & 3rd year BA students.

Spring holidays

12 Apr, 2011; General

Spring holidays starts on Thursday 21st April at 14:00 (due to the Dean’s decision) and last to Wednesday, 27th April inclusive.

BHP info for the first-year students

7 Apr, 2011; General

Recently I’ve receivecd some disturbing information concerning registration for the BHP course. Hence, I would like to ask you (i.e. students of the first year) to prepare a list of people who were not able to register for the course and send such list to me on philosophy@uw.edu.pl .

BTW: Computer Classes is going to be carried out soon!