ID extension…

27 Mar, 2011; General

You can entend your IDs now in room 16A (1st floor) at Ms Płoszyńska.

Scholarship for Polish-origin foreigner students

24 Mar, 2011; General

Details here.

Invited Lectures in English in April & May

18 Mar, 2011; General Invited lectures

[The following info is going to be regularly updated, so stay tuned:)]

Please find the information concerning series of invited lectures that will be given in our Institute in the current semester:

5th April (Tuesday):

Part I The 5th of April 2011 1) Prof. Nicholas P. Zangwill (Durham University)
“Logic, the World, Negation and Non-being”
11:30 – 13:00, room 24

2) Dr Donnchadh O’Conaill (Durham University) “The Nature of the Explanatory Gap”

ABSTRACT 13:15 – 14:45, room 13

Organized by dr hab. Mariusz Grygianiec and PBCV

Philosophy of Language:

Prof. K. Jaszczolt, 9-10 May, series of lectures

Prof. Michael Devitt, 16-18 May, series of lectures

It will be possible to obtain credit (30h elective lecture) for attending both Prof. Jaszczolt and Prof. Devitt lectures.

Office hours cancelled

16 Mar, 2011; General

Due to the birth of my son (oh yeah!) I must cancel office hours on 17th March.