Office hours on Thursday 24.02

23 Feb, 2011; General

Due to prof. Zarnic’s invited lecture, the office hours on Thursday 24.02 is

from 13:30 to 14:30.

Winter registration rounds (reminder)

18 Feb, 2011; Registrations

Here are the winter rounds of token-registration:

General University Subjects (OGUNs):

01.02.2011  – 28.02.2011

Physical Education:

1st round:    28.01.2011,  21:00 – 06.02.2011, 23:59

2nd round:   08.02.2011,  21:00 – 13.02.2011, 23:59

Foreign Language Courses:

15.02.2011, 21:00 – 25.02.2011, 23:59

Foreign Language Repeat Exam:

21.02.2011, 21:00 – 09.03.2011

Prof. Breislav Zarnic’s Lectures (instead of Logic1)

13 Feb, 2011; General Invited lectures


CLICK HERE to download the whole set of information concerning subject of the lectures and the lecturer himself.

IMPORTANT message for the 1st year-1stCycle students:

on the 21st February instead of attending prof. Odrowąż-Sypniewska’s lecture on Logic I students are asked to attend the lecture of prof. Zarnic.

General UW Subjects confusion explained…

10 Feb, 2011; General Registrations

Some confusion concerning General Subjects (OGUNs) has occured among the freshmen (and I have to admit that it is my fault). Hence, I would like to explain that the rule in force is that:

It is strongly recommended to choose courses which are taught in English, however, it is not demanded, and you can take subject taught in any language.