Office hours during the winter break…

23 Jan, 2011; General

…will take place on Mondays from 14:00 to 15:00 (or longer if necessary).

Access to Intellectual Property

12 Jan, 2011; General Registrations

Access for 1st year students to the Intellectual Property on COME UW was fixed about a week ago.

Please submit in case of further difficulties

Office hours on 13.01 cancelled

12 Jan, 2011; General

Due to my illness…

Please write to me in case of something urgent.

New regulations concerning signing out

12 Jan, 2011; General Registrations

In accordance with the new University regulation student can at most once sing out from the course one has registered for. To sign out student should fill in appropriate request through the USOS, print it out, and bring to the secretariat. However, the course student has signed out stays on the list of courses taken by the student (with no mark by it).

In case of course managed via token registrations, the tokens are not returned after resignation from the course.

Extra office hours

4 Jan, 2011; General

Because of unexpected cancellation of mondays office hours, there gonna be some extra office hours on Tuesday 04.12.2010 from 11:20 to 12:20.