Registration for students training – UPDATED !!!

25 May, 2010; Registrations

For those students who have already taken students training (no matter this or the previous year), there will be a USOS registration for the training:

from 20.05 to 06.06.

UPDATE: Everyone, who have already take students training – no matter when, how and where – should register in the USOS.

To find students training in the USOS, type ,,3501-PRAKTYKI” in the <Course> search field in the DIRECTORY section.


23 May, 2010; General

There is a possibility to take students training in PBCV secretariat (in cooperation with Samorząd Studencki).

We need some help in conducting our ‘advertising campaign’. Namely, your work would consist in packing and addressing letters to various schools and universities – easy and not tiresome :)

Anyone who is interested should contact secretariat between 24th and 30th of May.

Exam Session Schedule

18 May, 2010; General

Updated schedule of the exam session available here.

BA Thesis info

17 May, 2010; Uncategorized

In the ,,First-cycle” section on the website you may find updated guide through preparing BA thesis.

Examination sheets

17 May, 2010; Uncategorized

Every student should visit me  (i.e. Filip Kawczyński:)) during my office hours in order to receive examination sheet (karta egzaminacyjna).

Registration Dates – IMPORTANT

17 May, 2010; Registrations

Here are some recently announced rounds of registration dates:

Foreign Language Exams:

– 12.04.2010 – 24.05.2010 (summer session)
– 12.07.2010 – 22.08.2010 (autumn session)

Foreign Language Courses in 2010/11 academic year

– 01.06.2010 – 30.06.2010 (registration for dedicated and open groups)
– 27.09.2010 – 07.10.2010 (registration for dedicated and open groups)
– 21.10.2010 – 24.10.2010 (time for changing groups, logout,  etc.)
– 15.02.2011 – 25.02.2011 (time for changing groups, logout,  etc.)

In case of any doubts please contact:

Keep those dates in mind !

Facebook group

12 May, 2010; General

Please join our Facebook group

called “Philosophy Studies in English at the University of Warsaw”

– the more of us, the better :)