Prof. Michael Williams lectures

5 May, 2011; General Invited lectures

Prof. Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins University) will give two lectures in our Institute:

“Knowledge from a Pragmatic Point of View”:

  • 30th May, 11:30, room 24
  • 31st May, 15:00, room 24

Prof. Michael Devitt lectures (May 16-18) !!!

4 May, 2011; General Invited lectures

Papers to download:

Prof. Katarzyna Jaszczolt lectures (May 10 & 11)

4 May, 2011; General Invited lectures

Slides for the lectures to download

Invited Lectures in English in April & May

18 Mar, 2011; General Invited lectures

[The following info is going to be regularly updated, so stay tuned:)]

Please find the information concerning series of invited lectures that will be given in our Institute in the current semester:

5th April (Tuesday):

Part I The 5th of April 2011 1) Prof. Nicholas P. Zangwill (Durham University)
“Logic, the World, Negation and Non-being”
11:30 – 13:00, room 24

2) Dr Donnchadh O’Conaill (Durham University) “The Nature of the Explanatory Gap”

ABSTRACT 13:15 – 14:45, room 13

Organized by dr hab. Mariusz Grygianiec and PBCV

Philosophy of Language:

Prof. K. Jaszczolt, 9-10 May, series of lectures

Prof. Michael Devitt, 16-18 May, series of lectures

It will be possible to obtain credit (30h elective lecture) for attending both Prof. Jaszczolt and Prof. Devitt lectures.

Prof. Breislav Zarnic’s Lectures (instead of Logic1)

13 Feb, 2011; General Invited lectures


CLICK HERE to download the whole set of information concerning subject of the lectures and the lecturer himself.

IMPORTANT message for the 1st year-1stCycle students:

on the 21st February instead of attending prof. Odrowąż-Sypniewska’s lecture on Logic I students are asked to attend the lecture of prof. Zarnic.

Metaphysics of Science Workshop

6 Oct, 2009; Invited lectures

Metaphysics of Science Workshop 2010

On 28 & 29 January 2010 PBCV staff along with some generous friends organised workshop concerning metaphysics of science. The workshop took place in the old university library building at the main campus of the University of Warsaw. The list of guests includes (alphabetical order):

  • Tomasz Bigaj (Warsaw)
  • Alexander Bird (Bristol)
  • Jan Hauska
  • Stathis Psillos (Athens)
  • Markus Schrenk (Nottingham / Koln)
  • Emma Tobin (Bristol)
  • Leszek Wroński (Cracow)

Programme of the Workshop + Abstracts available here