Secretariat closed 21st July – 5th Aug.

13 Jun, 2016; General

…due to Mrs. Szpilowska being on a leave.

Schedule of the Summer Exams Session

5 Jun, 2016; General

The schedules:

First year
Second year
Third year


Good luck! :)

Information concerning Logical Semiotics / Logic C&D

5 Jun, 2016; General

Each of the subjects within “Logic II Module” (planned for 3rd & 4th semester) is provided every other year. In 2015/16 it was Logic C&D that was taught, while 2016/17 is going to be a year of Logical Semiotics. However, if you are reeeeeeaaaally certain that:

1. you want to attend Logic C&D and you do not want to take Logical Semiotics, and

2. you will be able to deal with Logic C&D during the (already quite busy) third year of your studies;

you can postpone passing the “Logic II Module” for the next year. However, think twice (or more) – that’s my only advice.

Students who decide to postopne should write an official request for permission to the coordinator of the studies – I will agree in  every case.

Warsaw International Studies in Philosophy

5 Jun, 2016; General

I am truly and extremely happy that after a few months of efforts I can announce that University Senate finally accepted new name of the studies which is:



Of course, in practice the transition will take some time so please be patient and watchful since for some time both names – PBCV and WISIP* – are going to be in use.

* the official acronym of the new name is “WISIP”, with two “i’s”. The form “WISP” with single “i” is unfortunately reserved for “Warsaw International Studies in PSYCHOLOGY” :)

Erasmus Admission

28 Jan, 2016; General

Admission for the Erasmus Programme Scholarships is open until 1st March 2016. Please find the detailed information HERE.


18 Jan, 2016; General


The Graduate School on Topological Philosophy

15 Jan, 2016; General

Are you a student or a PhD student in philosophy/mathematics? Interested in formal philosophy, logical philosophy or mathematical philosophy? Do you also appreciate traditional ontological problems? Do you want to know the latest philosophical insights in topological philosophy? We invite you to participate in a 2-day graduate-level course on topological philosophy. The Graduate School on Topological Philosophy will be held 6-7 February 2016 in Warsaw (Poland). Classes will be conducted by eminent specialists: prof. Thomas Mormann (University of the Basque Country (Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain), prof. Achille Varzi (Columbia University in New York) and Dr. Roland Zarzycki (University of Wrocław, Poland).


If you are interested in participating or would like to find out more, please contact Dr. Bartłomiej Skowron (bartlomiej.skowron(at)


We accept applications until 20 January 2016. It is not required knowledge of the topology. During the course the basic concepts of topology will be introduced.


More information:

Regarding SEMESTER essays

2 Dec, 2015; General

UPDATE: please follow the instructions that you’ve received in mail from USOS coordinator.


This year is the first year when you are supposed to submit SEMESTER (and not annual-as-usual) essays. USOS is not ready for that, so at the moment you will not find there something like “Semester essay” to register for. Hence, at the end of this semester, to pass the semester, you are supposed to submit to the Secretariat the grade from the semester essay in one of the following forms:

– either grade on paper (first page of your essay with a grade and tutor’s signature);

– or email from the tutor to .

USOS coordinator promised me that she will introduce semester essays to USOS asap. When it will be ready your grades from the first semester essays will be entered there.



PS. Please remember that semester essay is treated as every other philosophical subject: not passing it = not passing the semester, and then you have to apply for conditional passing of the semester (and that’s payable)

Linkage deadline

29 Oct, 2015; General

The extended deadline for dealing with the Linkage is USOS is 15th November.


For details concerning Linkage please read the Guide to Linkage in USOS

Health and Safety online course

22 Oct, 2015; General

Health and Safety online course


It’s open from 9th november 2015 to 10th February 2016. The “retake” last chance will be open between 3rd and 9th March 2016.

For not passing the course student is charged 200 zł.