2014/15 registration for classes + schedules

16 Jun, 2014; General Registrations

The first round of registration for 2014/15 classes has just taken off. It is open until 30th June.

Below you can find schedules for the next year – if time/room of some class is different in USOS and in the schedule then take the time/room in the schedule as the correct one.


2014-2015 First Year Schedule
2014-2015 Second Year Schedule
2014-2015 Third Year Schedule


2014-2015 2nd Year MA Schedule with first degree in Philosophy

Computer classes for the 1st-cycle students

21 Mar, 2013; General Registrations

Beginning from forthcoming week the “Basic IT Skills” course takes off. This course is obligatory for all 1st-cycle students: 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. The course is taught by Mr. Michał Nakoneczny, who is a PhD student in our Institute.

The course is going to be done online on the Moodle platform. You can enter the course site from its USOS page (you are already registered!) or by clicking HERE (the same login and pass as to USOS)

In case of any doubts, please contact the tutor: m.nakoneczny@uw.edu.pl

Registration !!

29 Jan, 2013; Registrations

There are two partially simultaneous round of registration:

(1) Additional “last chance” registration for those who have not registered in the first semester (concerns first-semester courses as well as whole-year courses)
28 Jan.8 am – 31 Jan 11:59 pm

(2) Ordinary registration for the second semester (concerns second-semester courses)
28 Jan.8 am – 10 Feb 11:59 pm

Health & Safety course – the last chance to pass

19 Sep, 2012; General Registrations

Those who have not passed the Health and Safety course (BHP) have now the last chance to do that. You can take the course (online) from 24th September to 7th October, however, it is not free – it costs 200 zlotys.

This last-chance course is for students who have not passed the Health & Safety last year and therefore have to apply for conditional passing of the year.

Schedule of the TOKEN registration for 2012/13

29 May, 2012; Registrations

The schedule

Registration for students pracitce

29 Mar, 2012; Registrations

Students who take, have taken or are going to take students practice during the current academic year should register for it in the USOS. Registration dates (USOS code: 3501-PRAKTYKI)

I round 01.04.2012 – 24.04.2012
II round 10.05.2012 – 10.06.2012

you register for that regardless of where you do the practice – it’s just a matter of having “Practice” position on the list of your courses in the system.

Registration dates

26 Sep, 2011; General Registrations

The 1st round of registration for philosophical courses:

  • from 15th June 8 a.m. to 30th June 11:59 p.m.

The 2nd round of registration for philosophical courses:

  • from 23rd September to 10th October.

Click HERE to find out the dates of the Token-registration (PE etc.).

Winter registration rounds (reminder)

18 Feb, 2011; Registrations

Here are the winter rounds of token-registration:

General University Subjects (OGUNs):

01.02.2011  – 28.02.2011

Physical Education:

1st round:    28.01.2011,  21:00 – 06.02.2011, 23:59

2nd round:   08.02.2011,  21:00 – 13.02.2011, 23:59

Foreign Language Courses:

15.02.2011, 21:00 – 25.02.2011, 23:59

Foreign Language Repeat Exam:

21.02.2011, 21:00 – 09.03.2011

General UW Subjects confusion explained…

10 Feb, 2011; General Registrations

Some confusion concerning General Subjects (OGUNs) has occured among the freshmen (and I have to admit that it is my fault). Hence, I would like to explain that the rule in force is that:

It is strongly recommended to choose courses which are taught in English, however, it is not demanded, and you can take subject taught in any language.

Access to Intellectual Property

12 Jan, 2011; General Registrations

Access for 1st year students to the Intellectual Property on COME UW was fixed about a week ago.

Please submit in case of further difficulties